Woody’s blog June 10 ’15



This is the link to my friend Caroline Woodward’s blog on writing; she and husband Jeff are lighthouse keepers off the cost of British Columbia and Jeff got the most incredible pictures of a bald eagle capturing a large, dark bird on the sea surface and then actually rowing. rowing I say, with its wings in order to drag its prey back to shore. I copied his shots and now I have lost them. They are in this computer somewhere, rowing away. Will try again.


So there they are, inexpertly done. Good way to find Woody’s writing and Jeff’s photos is just use Google or Bing images and type in her name. you get Jeff’s pictures as an extra added bonus.  A visit to their light station was one of the inspirations for Lighthouse Island. Back to my irish tin whistle practice. I sit on the front porch or pace up and down whistling away and the dog and the cat run for cover. Pam Crane and I are doing the intro to our Civil War Songs performance, she’s on the Irish tambor and me on whistle doing ‘Come To The Bower’, so look out Celtic Chieftans!