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Hackers; July 20/16

Caucasian man in hoody sitting at office desk


My bank account got hacked. It has all been very interesting. The bank will recover almost all of it but tracing down the names and entities behind the unaccredited withdrawals has been fascinating. I don’t think the bank expected me to go to much trouble but I was simply interested. One name, FlagshipCA, led to Western Union, who had no way of finding or tracing it. Another led to a rental property management software company in Salt Lake City Utah, Entrata, and a Utah bank, another to a really trashy apartment complex in San Antonio, Iron Horse Valley Rentals, so most of it seemed to have to do with rentals. They were withdrawing rent money, plus utility money on the San Antonio city electric company.

How did they get my bank account number? I guess through my debit card? I am so ignorant about this, which is why I find it intriguing. Well, off to the bank now to fill out the forms. My little bank here in West Texas is so great, love them.


July 9 is hot in Texas



A great photo by Jeff George, it’s on Woody and Jeff’s calendar they send out to friends every year of scenes from the lighthouse.  I need to put up the one from June, it’s of two bright red helicopters landing on their landing pad, I believe from the Canadian Coast Guard.

Back from St. Louis. Since I don’t watch TV I head about the killing of the Dallas policemen while standing in line at the airport to come home. People told me in a sort of dull, subdued way as if to say ‘What next?’ It all seems to be media-driven. The protesters are there for the camera, and the killer was on the black Panther social media sites all the time, posted pictures of himself being cool and defiant.  A group of young women Black Panthers marching with their fists in the air were dressed just like Beyonce’s dancers. They expected to get their picture taken and be on a front page or three-second shot somewhere they were not wrong. However, the media does not offer a paycheck to its watchers or change the weather or control the economy, and yet many people’s minds simply live in it as if it were a real world.

The trip to St. Louis was very good, met with bookstore owners and Robin Smith of Harper Collins and was interviewed by the Post-Dispatch.

Friend Laurel Water’s treehouse is going to be on a television program July 15th, on Treehouse Masters. It is beautiful.

Missed April Baxter’s birthday party, I got home about 4 but was too tired and frazzled to go. Now I have a new dog, whom I call Girl Dog, and Grady Cat not taking it at all well but have managed to keep them separated. The bluegrass group is getting together next Wednesday, even though we are off for the summer we’re getting together to play and sing and for the companionship.

Reading Jack Vance and find a deep interest in his change and growth from the ‘Forties and Fifties to works like The Dying Earth and Madouc when he finally hit his stride.