Monthly Archives: October 2020

DT (Dark Tabby) October 7/20

Dark Tabby (DT) sits and looks out over the valley for long periods of time everyday, I have no idea what he sees or what he looks for.







He is the Number One Son of the little stray I took in more than two years ago, who came to be named Sooty. He’s about a year and a half old and probably has many adventures, and every morning trots away from the house expecting more.

The trailer is out for News of the World, and it looks great. Many people have been calling me with congratulations. Had to cancel my usual yearly trip to Missouri because of Covid complications — my cousin’s husband was exposed and although not showing any symptoms, must quarantine for two weeks. The people to whom he was exposed aren’t showing any symptoms either but tested positive. So it goes. I will miss it! I miss the smell of the Missouri forests, and the tree colors, especially the sweet gums, and Susan was going to help me on research for the new book I am working on. However, myself, June, April and Evelyn are going to haul to north Texas the last of October for a Halloween trip to a ranch near Waco.