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Yes, this is one of my photographs. Got it years ago visiting w/ Susan and Mark in Ozarks.


Thanks to everybody who helped on my Oct 8 – 24th journeying abut the nation, Evelyn for all her minding in Denver and June & April for the rides in Parrie-Haynes, Susan and Mark for eight days of riding and good food in the Ozarks and especially Jim and Nadine for the disaster when I finally got home to San Antonio after three really bumpy shaky plane rides to find that the battery in my truck was dead and I was about half dead; they tried to get it started then helped me call for a tow and then Nadine drove me to airport to rent a car to get home and then rented it for me and then drove truck here next day and drove rental car back.


That’s a lot of helping.


Thank you all! Happy Hallowe’en!

Links and leaves


this is for writers and people who like to figure out the shenanigans of image-technicians and so on….


(above: maple leaves in the Ozarks)


Oct 27th Home Again


Just back from riding in the Ozarks with cousin, visiting family. Above is a leaf among all the color of the hills. Took a long time to learn that digital camera but I got some good shots.

A special and beautiful thing to be back there with family.

Just read a very interesting article on ‘the five things that make a character likeable’ on a blog written by a man who does scriptwriting. Will try to link it. It tests out well on presidential candidates as well as characters in novels, TV or movies. Try it on your friends!