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Film Crew, pennywhistle and hot weather June 18/16

The film crew came to make a video for News Of The World, and at the same time Dolly my elderly white horse got ill, the truck cratered and I had to have it hauled off and buy a second-hand newish truck, thank God from our Methodist minister, and Evelyn O’Hara came to help, also thank God.

So it was all okay.

The film guys Alex and Skip were great. I hope it all turns out all right and I don’t appear to be too frantic.

The day after they left finally got a vet to come, Dolly had to be put down. Very hard. My editor Jennifer Brehl sent me a kind note and a glass heart, that was just the epitome of Dolly, all brightness and flash and heart. Even at twenty-seven years old.


That was Karen Janny riding her years ago¬† at Fort Sam Houston. Karen barely had her under control. She was a wild thing! When Karen’s husband, Colonel Janny, was transferred to Washington state, Karen asked me to take Dolly, since she wouldn’t find a way to ship her out there. So I took her, when I divorced and bought this place she and¬†Melody came with me. She had ten happy years on this place. I have had her for eleven years. Rarely rode her — she was too crazy. But she was sweet when you were on the ground. Loved baths!

Learned ‘Land of Rest’ for the pennywhistle and our group had our last performance for the summer, it was a very high, energetic evening. Good audience and cake! Hallie came to take pictures and I will post some soon.


Then my water pump went out but our fiddler Tom, who can do anything, came and fixed it. Thank God for friends.

I miss beautiful Dolly every day. When you gave her a bath with purple shampoo her mane and tail were like white silk. She put me on the ground twice in our decade-long relationship, when I was foolish enough to try to ride her. Adios mi yegua blanquita.


That is all.