Monthly Archives: March 2019

March 20/19 map of the old plazas

I made this map to locate as many of the businesses and buildings as possible (1865-70) from old photos and memoirs. Mary Maverick’s memoirs were helpful.  It was fun, also demanding. Puzzling. The two plazas today are almost unrecognizable compared t this map and photos from that time.  


Noted all the bars and saloons with a red dot. There were certainly a lot of them.   Will try for a clearer picture.










This is looking south on Soledad, about 1873. I think the cross-street is Market. The Plaza Hotel where Simon and Damon got a job making music would be behind the viewer. I think. It’s so wide-open, and now it is hard to see the sky for all the great multi-story buildings. This looks like many towns in Mexico, even today.

March 9/19

We never had lighted screens to watch all day, never in human history. It’s astonishing and dubious and pleasing. Firelight was the closest thing.





Lighted screens and firelight are hypnotic, they lower your judgement potential by 30% (I just made that up). Go now and buy my books. Go now. Buy two copies of all of them. Give them to your friends. This is an approved thing to do, it will enhance your social prestige. Go now. Obey. That is all.