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Christmas 2019







Hark the Herald Angels siiiiiing….

Marry Christmas!

And a lovely Christmas eve sky.







And happy Hanukkah, Sumptuous Solistice and wishing everyone a calm, quiet, deliberate, creative, sensible New Year.


December 14/19






This view of the hills from my front door always thrills me no matter how busy I get, pressed or hurried.

So many Johnsons have their birthdays in December! Jim Jr. on Christmas Day, Jimmy (J-III) on December 31st, Faith on December 13th. Coming up cantata dress rerearsal in three hours, tomorrow morning Christmas special with the group, me on whistle, traditional hymns, then the big cantata performance tomorrow night, on the 22nd another special with Chloe singing Hallelujah Christmas for which we have to learn the alto, which is HARD, Sherry party the 19th, which is going to be fun, just all of us with our instruments playing whatever we can come up with and drinking and eating, plus horsegirlfriends and husbands.

So this view is calming and quiets the heart.


Spent a wonderful Thanksgiving with my stepson, DIL and grandkids. They cooked — they are all great cooks. Here’s Faith;







Very much fun. Also their lemon tree out front was loaded and I took a lot home and gave some to Auriel down the road, of the Kay establishment, she looks after my animals for me when I travel. She also sings in cantata and choir. Cantata practice tonight and tomorrow night storms coming. Cleared trail today, love doing that.

Pearl Harbor Day December 7/2019

07 Dec 1941, Oahu, Hawaii — The battleship U.S.S. Arizona (foreground) sits low in the water and burns after the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. — Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS