Monthly Archives: May 2017

May 20/17

  • I am getting a new metal roof on this house and the guys are just outside the study door making noises with huge metal panels and there is thunder in the distance and they are speaking Chihuahuense Spanish of which I can understand very little
  •  * They are going to make a movie of News Of The World and Tom Hanks will be the Captain. His production company Playtone had to negotiate with Fox 2000, the script writer is Hugh Davies of Lion so that’s all good.
  • *If you need to laugh a lot go to the YouTube video entitled ‘Cats Who Don’t Care About Your Personal Space’, it’s a guarantee.
  • My cousin Susan is coming to visit next week, April Baxter is lending me a horse, an older gelding she calls one of her babysitters. So then Susan and I can ride.
  • Cats Who Don’t Care About Your Personal Space: This is my cat Grady, as an example. But nowhere near as funny as a kitten getting into a guy’s shorts.

“You will not pay attention to your Kindle. You will pay attention to me. This I command.”

Artists and wrens May 7/17

Jakub Rozalski has a great website for his intriguing paintings. Always giant machines in the background, strange half-wolf beings treading through early autumn or late-spring snow, and weirdly indifferent peasants going about their business.

Look him up.


My cat Grady got one of the little wrens. I hate it but animals are animals. The wrens are so audacious and in-your-face, I guess one of them got too close and Grady got it. Little brown-and-black barred feathers on the bathroom rug was all that was left. I put up a gourd in the garage hanging high from a rafter for them, but…


May1 /17 A gathering of pipes and guitars and editors and writers and neighbors

My editor Jen Brehl and her husband Peter Schneider came to visit! Had a barbecue and music gathering. Lights and lightning bugs. It was great. There will be more pictures as soon as I can learn to compress a png pic. file that has too many —- pixels? Anyway photos won’t fit so far, too big, don’t know how that happens but it makes me want to SCREAM.


Jen took this picture.