Monthly Archives: October 2016

Now finalist for the National Book Award. Oct. 10

Whatever happens, it is a great honor.


Much traveling and dealing with requests for short things to be written, taxes, the hot water heater is out and had David Mazurek come and fix it, they are such a great little firm here in Utopia. Now have hot water again. Meeting Charles Frazier and the gang at Malaprop was truly fun. Fun can be hard to come by in this world. At least I got back in time to to go to choir and cantata practice, it is so calming. Picking up books in bookstores where I am asked to read is a joy.



This is an important book,  Get hold of it any way you can. Hilarity will ensue. Many dire warnings. Heed them.


They have got the Caprock now for the wall at the city park. It is looking good. Chris Chism has his food trailer almost ready, it is painted turquoise and the lights are strung across the food garden area and he and his dad went down to Hubble near Houston and got a second-hand walk-in freezer and with the help of a squadron of large strong guys got it in Wayne’s pickup and hauled back all the way to Utopia. This is going to be good. It is in a large empty lot (I remember when there was a house there, Bill Keller tore it down about four years ago, Bill Keller has a construction/destruction company, local, and is also a great baritone). (I wish he were in the cantata). But there are two or three large beautiful trees there, one of them a Chinquapin oak and with lights strung up all through the trees it is going to be fabulous.


That is all.