June 3 and June again!


This was in north Texas during our last trip. The thing about this picture is that, before we left, June broke her wrist and didn’t know it. The dr. x-rayed it and said it was just a sprain. So we all take off for the Chism ranch up near Nocona and here is June saddling up with a wrist broken in three places. Not even wearing a brace.

When we got back June said her wrist it hurt so badly she went to a bone specialist and she x-rayed it again and…guess what. What with that and a herniated disc June can’t ride for the next month.

Great e-mail; from the Lighthouse Persons up in British Columbia, Jeff got the most amazing shots of an eagle attacking another bird of some kind on the sea surface, and then to get his prey back to the shore or the perching place where he/she could eat it, the eagles was actually ROWING with its wings through the waves! the pictures are astounding. Hope to link to it later.