March 21/20 A death in the family and Coronoa

My brother passed away last week (not from corona-virus) and the family gathered to put him to rest, all his five children and the grandchildren and me and my sister. It was a good family gathering, so there’s that. He had been ill for some time. We drove from Springfield Missouri to the old family graveyard in central Missouri and there put him to rest with his ancestors.








Our little town and area is now being affected by the lockdown, no near cases of the virus but today at the feed store I saw that the feed was being cleaned out and they said they were having trouble with resupply. I bought as much as I cold for the horses, although thank God the new green grass is coming up in case it all gets bought out and nothing more coming in.

The general store is restricting purchases somewhat.

Flying to Spring field through Dallas, and then home out of St. Louis, the airports were fairly empty and so were the city streets.