Thanksgiving Greetings 2015

Happy thanksgiving


Chicken Kiev for me molasses biscuits and apples and carrots for the equines and Grady may have a bit of the chicken Kiev. Went down and started the long, long process of cutting cedar saplings and other trash growth out of the meadow and lower pasture.

Learning ‘A Christmas Waltz’ on pennywhistle and finally got the bridge on ‘Fool’s Jig’ down pat and learned.

Invaders now at the Croatian border (all young men) are doing stunts to appeal to the liberal media of Europe. Sewing their mouths shut (? why?) and putting duct tape over their mouths — I suppose they’ve seen some kind of┬áprotest where protestors taped their own mouths shut —- painting their bodies with HELP US SAVE US. The western nations send millions upon millions in aid to the countries they come from. So it doesn’t make sense.

I am thankful to be a citizen of this country and living in safety so far.