Feb. 25/20 — 3000 book plates to sign and an intrusive interviewer






HarperCollins needed 3000 book plates signed, to be inserted into copies of Simon The Fiddler, and I actually managed to get it done although with signs of incipient carpal tunnel showing up. Set up a ‘signing place’ in the guest room, and got to work at least part of every day. Set up my iPhone and listened to Youtube videos of Sir Roger Scruton — ‘On Beauty and Consolation’, and various other things, so it was worth it.

Am considering writing something about the various attacks on American Dirt, de-latforming and so on, and how many otherwise obscure people are trying to ride on her sudden fame, or the media attention she is getting, and deplatforming in general, and an interviewer with whom I never should have spoken (she is pursuing my friends and family as I speak) and like many authors, thinking. “But this interview was supposed to be about my book!”

Well, it was my last interview so it is appropriate that it should have been astonishing.

Deplatforming/cancel culture —- look up ‘tortious interference’ on wikipedia.  People should be sued. I would, in a heartbeat.