Continuing with my research and readings in Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Dystopias/Post-Apocalypse works. Just discovered Wright and he is stunning. Love his work. This is the first one I read and am continuing with others. For evocations of terrors and humanity’s struggles to live on in a world without sun or oxygen, this is one of the best. Some millions of years in the future, the sun has either gone out or Earth has whizzed off into a forgotten corner of the galaxy and the remains of the human race live in this great pyramidal city. Our Heroine, a member of the Redoubt’s ruling class and the princess of a great family, goes out into the dark nightlands to recover her brother’s body.

Things live out there.

“The encampment and stronghold of Usire, I knew from my books, and from my memory-dreams, lay to the north by north-west beyond the shoulders and back of the Northwest Watching Thing. there are other Watchers more dreadful but none is more alert, for the ground to the north-west is wide and flat in prospect, and is lit by the Vale of Red Fire, and there is neither a crown nor an eye-beam more wide dome of light to interfere with the view the monster commands.”

Some of these creatures have not moved in thousands of years. But they know you’re there.

I have been doing a lot of research also on the Internet, to see what’s happening in the SciFi/Fantasy publishing world. Blogs, File 770, Making Light, the Tor blog, Vox Populi, Brad Torgerson’s blog, Wright’s blog, many others. Turmoil!

Wright is highly recommended.