4/16/20 Launch Day goes on launching, treasure trove of TP

Ron Charles of the Washington Post did an interview this morning for the Wash Post Book Club and emailed that he would like to link the files of us playing, the ones that are on the audiobook. Frantic call to Mark: ‘Mark can you send him the files?’ Mark was on a hilltop somewhere building. He is a builder, making houses rise up out of airy nothing and he is also a whiz with computer things as I am not. So he’s walking around here and there on the hilltop trying to get a good connection, but we finally got through and he’ll link the files for Ron Charles. This is so cool. All I can think of, of course, is the three or four notes I flubbed badly on ‘Red River Valley’.

Tom commiserated; ‘A person never gets it perfect, never.’

And so Lowe’s grocery store in Bandera scored on a huge load of toilet paper from Mexico! I should have gone to the manager to ask how they pulled off this amazing feat but I’m not a reporter and I was tired and had a forty-mile drive home but there was plenty for all and no kidding. Two packages per customer.








This was at about four in the afternoon. What a weird place the world has become when I write an excited blog post about toilet paper.