Creatures in the south texas night



Okay so I have one of these little guys visiting me, a Ringtailed Cat, totally charming, (the above photo is off the Internet) and I went to YouTube to see if there was a video on them (habits, gustatory preferences etc.) and there was  one; some people in a small office in Arizona had one dropping through the ceiling tiles every night to feast on what they had left out for it, and somebody got a little amateur video of the creature sitting on a computer devouring cat food and oranges.

So far so good.

Then some wierdo posts filthy-mouth posts on the video. Speculating on the people’s sex lives, using the foulest language he/she could come up with. How did this crazy even find this obscure video?

I’ve noticed this on other You Tube toobs. It’s a kind of Tourette’s syndrome, I suppose. Others were on a video of a cruise ship in trouble, another on Bulgarian folk dancing (to which I am addicted). some YouTube videos are posted with warnings for the filth-mouth people to stay off. Does YouTube ever ban these people?

Interesting. No wonder my editor warned me not to allow comments. It’s a whole new human activity. Meanwhile the ringtail visits every night and goes on its language-less life, snacking on bird seed and the cat food I leave out for it. They are the last word in animal charm.