10/126/23 The Eclipse

I didn’t get any pictures of the full eclipse but these shadows came through my windows from the trees outside. They replicated the progress of the eclipse itself. Very strange. The shadows — or light-impressions — on the red floor downstairs were when it was almost completed, making crescents, and the ones upstairs in the study were when it was at full.

I saw a clip from a pro-Palestinian protest at Chicago city hall and the screaming, yattering young woman (clearly a non-Palestinian) looked just like something from Skibidi Toilet.

The young men of Hamas were raised on the deeply seductive, narcotic pleasures of hate cartoons and the notorious ISIS murder/torture films, as Salvador Ramos, the killer of Uvalde, had fallen completely into the narcosis of various kill games on the Internet. People need to take this seriously. People can be turned into mass murderers of little children, into young men who would behead babies, BY THE INTERNETS’ MOVING VISUAL IMAGES.

Is it any wonder that both the ancient Judaic tradition and the Protestant reformation were deeply suspicious of visual images? How do we separate “this is information” from “behave like this, you can be a god”?

Got me.