Roadside flowers in the drought


Some roadside flowers blooming even in July and even in this drought. HC publicity people are lining me up for a few readings around Texas. My problem with readings and appearances is that I have animals — two horses, a donkey (anybody want a donkey? I’ll bring him to you, free of charge) and Rita the Whippet and two twin tabby-fellow cats. who, even as I speak are out murdering birds. Despite collars with bells on them.

And so I have to hire people to come and feed, take cats to cat-boarding-place. Friends would do it but you can impose on friends just so much. So there’s a lot of preparation and arranging and so on. Actually I love appearances, readings. It’s an ego-enhancer, a time to play dressup, excuses for new clothes, luxurious nights in places where they serve you food and clean your room. Not bad, not bad.

If they put me up in a Drury Inn I can bring Rita The Whippet.