4/30/20 New poems by Laurie Jameson

My friend Laurie Jameson printed these privately, only 100 copies, and she’s not advertising or selling them, or, that is, making any effort to sell them, but she sent me a copy and they are wonderful.







She writes; “A Word About In-the-Moment Poetry

“Poems written the same day that the events occurred, with an attempt to capture the essence of experience, then allowing it to rest on the page without alteration. The words remain as they first appeared with the exception of editing for spelling and grammar.”

Some quotes; from Qi Gong–Chi Kung

‘Boil it all down to this;

we embrace the cliches

we shy away from the truth

we worship self-indulgence

we worry ourselves sick we hate what we don’t understand

and still the sun sets, rises again.’

And from ‘Long Before Day’s Rising’

‘Behind my eyes, coming up

out of the sandstorm,shaking

off the dirt and detritus of

dune-laden sleep, I see myself

floating onĀ  the moon’s imagined

lake, the mirage of expectation, the explosion of disappointment.

“Nothing gold can stay”. Nothing.

The birds will never sing the

exact same notes in the exact

same way ever again. My love

for another constantly changes,

blowing first this way and then that,

adapting in order to go on living.